A dog with a sorrowful history narrowly evaded euthanasia as a reward for its act of kindness.

Thanks to his kind act of helping a friend in need, this Alaskan Malamute called General in Seoul found miracle when he managed to escape euthanasia.

Three months ago, General was tied to a tree by an irresponsible man and his entire body was badly wounded. Not only that there’s a hole in his head that was caused by beating, and blood continues to flow from General’s nose.

General’s body was full of injuries.

Blood coming out from his nose.

When he was rescued and brought to the hospital, General was strong and only quietly looked out of the window despite the injuries. Hence, he was given the name ‘General’ for his brave attitude.

General was badly injured.

He was so strong despite all the pain he’s experiencing.

General was later sent to the animal shelter after being rescued, but unfortunately will be euthanized if no one appears to adopt him after 30 days. Luck was not on General’s side when nobody appears to adopt him even on the 29th day.

On his last day to be alive before being euthanized, General started his day as usual—with the food provided by the staff at the shelter. At that time, General saw a small white puppy struggling trying to eat the food from the bowl.

Looking at that, General bit the bowl and made it slanted so that the puppy can reach the leftover food inside of it.

Probably as a reward for his act of kindness, a middle-aged man in a wheelchair suddenly came to the shelter and said he would adopt General—just 30 minutes before the euthanasia took place.

A man in a wheelchair—probably angel in disguise, suddenly appear to adopt General.

Fortunately, General managed to escape death and get to meet his new owner.

General with his new family.

General is having a good time with his new friends.

We hope that General will always be kind and happy with his new family!

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