A Dog’s Lifetime on the Streets Ends When One Tourist Finally Sees Her

Dog Spent Her Entire Life On The Streets Until One Tourist Finally Saw Her
Dog Spent Her Entire Life On The Streets Until One Tourist Finally Saw Her

A visitor visiting a tiny vacation town in Romania was moved to action after noticing a stray dog on the street. She called the animal charity Howl Of A Dog about the dog since she knew they frequently helped street canines in the nation.

The rescue team drove out to the town for two hours and discovered the dog resting in an alcove with cardboard and a cushion on the ground.

“When we arrived, the residents informed us that the dog had been living in that area for years, and everyone appeared to know her,” Howl Of A Dog said on YouTube.

“Helen, as we eventually christened her, was one of the lucky strays, welcomed by the people as “the neighborhood dog,” they added. “She had a relatively safe spot and received food scraps from passers-by.”

“However, living on the street is difficult, especially for older dogs like Helen, who must suffer the chilly winter, rains, and storms while being denied medical attention and constantly in risk of being struck by automobiles or hurt by not-so-animal-friendly humans.”

When the rescuers fed her and put a leash around her, she seemed to understand why they were there.

She didn’t fight back; her existence on the streets was finished.

The plastic tag in Helen’s ear was inspected by the vet – it was part of a neuter-release program that ran till 2013. Helen has been living on the streets alone for at least 6 years.

Helen’s kind personality wowed Howl Of A Dog back at their shelter.

“It’s difficult to find the perfect words to describe Helen since she is an absolutely fantastic dog: very calm and sociable with everyone and exceptionally well behaved,” they said. “A fantastic, charming demeanor.”

Watch the video below to discover how amazing Helen is.



“It’s heartbreaking that a dog like her has to live on the streets alone for so long.” Thousands of visitors also visit the resort town… But no one appeared to notice Helen until recently, when this kind lady from Finland discovered her and phoned us.”

But now Helen has the opportunity to spend the second half of her life being loved and cared for by the appropriate family.

Helen is now in the care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania, but she is available for adoption in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Visit Helen and Howl Of A Dog’s website for additional information on the adoption process.

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