A Feline Fairytale: How a Precious Kitten Found Her Forever Family Through Rehoming

I have a soft spot for Tuxedo cats, especially those with long hair. Wednesday, a Tuxedo cat from Scotland, had a rough start in life when his forever home fell through. Fortunately, he now has a permanent home with a loving family who will never let him go.
Recently, Amber was searching through free ads online in her country, hoping to adopt another cat to join her furry family. She came across Wednesday’s picture and immediately knew he was the one she had been looking for. She wasted no time and called to learn more about him, knowing that he needed a new home as soon as possible.

The individual who posted about the adorable black and white kitten was helping out a friend, but didn’t have much information about the kitty. Amber stepped in to gather more details and immediately notified her fiancé to pick up the kitten in need of a home. Once she arrived, Amber fell head over heels in love with the sweet, fluffy kitten. The kitten appeared to be a mix of Maine Coon and Siberian breeds and adjusted quickly to her new surroundings. Amber promptly scheduled a visit to the vet for immunizations and a checkup. During the appointment, the vet delivered an unexpected surprise – the kitten was a male, not a female. After seeing photos of the precious kitten named Wednesday, I reached out to Amber to ask about this unique and lovely feline. Read on to discover more about Wednesday!

What’s the story behind how Wednesday became a part of your family? Well, I was on the lookout for a new feline addition and stumbled upon a picture of him in a free ad. It was love at first sight! I immediately called the person who posted the ad, worried that he may have already found a home since it had been up for two days. The man didn’t speak English well and wasn’t sure about the kitten’s age or vaccinations. He was just helping his friend, who had to leave the country, find a new home for the little guy. We decided to take a chance and brought him home, then took him to the vet the next day for a check-up and shots.

As for his name, I initially thought he was a girl and chose “Wednesday” as a nod to the spooky and cool character from the Addams Family. But when we found out he was a boy, I decided to keep the name as is and just shortened it to “Wedwed.” He’s been a beloved member of our family ever since! Don’t miss out on the latest feline news and insights – join the club for exclusive access to articles, guides, reviews, and more.

Can you describe Wednesday’s personality?
Wednesday’s temperament varies depending on his mood. He can be affectionate and enjoys cuddling, but he can also hiss at his French bulldog housemate, Elvis.
Who are Wednesday’s housemates?
Wednesday shares his home with Elvis, a French bulldog whom he isn’t fond of, and Curly the poodle, whom he adores. Additionally, there are three cat friends in their home: Snowflake, Simba, and Brillo.
What makes Wednesday unique?
Wednesday’s purr is so loud that it resembles a tractor engine! It feels like he was meant to be with his owner.
I am grateful to Wednesday’s owner for allowing me to share his story with Cattitude Daily readers. Even though his life had been turned upside down before meeting his owner, he has found his forever home now.

Amber McConnell is the owner of all the images presented here.

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