Abandoned Dog Wearing Purple Sweater Curls Up in Park Hoping to Be Noticed

“She still doesn’t have a family” 💔

When a group of animal-loving neighbors in the Mexican municipality of Cuautitlan discovered a pup in their local park the other day, they instantly knew something was wrong.

The wire-haired dog was just one of many strays in the neighborhood of Joyas de Cuautitlan, each with their own set of needs. But the group of neighbors, who are devoted to caring for their local street dogs, quickly realized that this little girl needed extra TLC.

Curled up on a patch of grass, the poor girl wore a fuzzy purple sweater, and she had a concerning cough.

Due to limited resources and space, the neighbors are usually only able to neuter the street dogs they encounter, and then they release them back into the community. But this time, Beatriz Ordaz decided to bring the dog home and get her cough checked out.

The pup, whom she named Catalina the Great, was immediately relieved to be in Ordaz’s loving care. She soon began to thrive on a strict treatment schedule.

“My son and I give her nebulization treatments,” Ordaz told The Dodo. “She’s doing better, but she still doesn’t have a family.”

While Catalina’s origin story is still unknown, Ordaz suspects that the sweet girl wasn’t born a street dog. There are signs that she once had a family.

“She definitely lived in a house before, since she loves climbing up on her couch,” Ordaz said. “She’s a dog who loves to socialize with people.”

Catalina is a sweetheart, just like the other dogs wandering around Cuautitlan. Sadly, her story of being abandoned is not uncommon. According to Ordaz, her home country and neighborhood are rife with cases of neglect.

But Ordaz is determined to give every stray dog she encounters the life they deserve, starting with her beloved Catalina.

“I hope in my heart that someone gives this girl a chance,” Ordaz said. “As of now, I’m waiting for her to recover 100 percent from her respiratory illness.”

Because of Catalina’s illness, she has to wear her sweater constantly. It helps her stay warm all day, and it brings her comfort. On top of showering her with love and praise, Ordaz cleans Catalina’s sweater often and always places it back on with the utmost care.

As of now, no one’s stepped up to give Catalina a permanent home, but Ordaz is hopeful that the dog’s happily-ever-after will soon come.

Until then, she’ll keep wrapping her arms around the resilient girl and reflecting on what Catalina’s story, in particular, has taught her.

“Dogs give us so many chances,” Ordaz said. “They put their trust in us, even when we’ve failed. We have a lot to learn from them.”

To inquire about adopting Catalina, you can reach out to Beatriz Ordaz on WhatsApp at +52 55 1773 9770 or email La Casa Del Mestizo at [email protected].

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