Ailing and vulnerable, a dog huddled in a corner, with its eyes beseeching for assistance.

The terrible truth of life is there are millions of street animals roaming miserably on the streets every day, but not many “humans” are prepared to care. Thankfully, we still have several kind-hearted individuals who commit much of their life to provide these pitiful animals the better life that they truly deserve. They are real-life heroes who don’t need a cape to shine.

The Love Furry Friends’ creator Olena Pyanov is one of those sympathetic ones, she is a dog lover at heart and would do whatever she is capable of to rescue sad dogs she comes across in Ukraine, her nation. Zhora is one of the fortunate dogs that Olena has saved, and the way he changed in only three weeks certainly left us in wonder.

Olena and her companion came into this miserable youngster as they were out feeding starving stray dogs in an industrial zone. Zhora plainly looked unwell, he was in pretty horrible form and an equally nasty temper back then. When they offered him food and water, he even rejected at first despite he was visibly famished.

After encouraging the pitiful dog to eat and drink a bit, they hurried him to a vet facility nearby for prompt medical care. Zhora was diagnosed with demodicosis and had to remain there for a few weeks.

When Zhora completely healed, Olena brought him out for a picture session and it was the very first time she observed a grin on his face. He had to be considerably happy knowing that he was still loved and care for.

Thanks to his great performance during the photoshoot, Zhora managed to get himself a lovely mother. He was adopted soon thereafter and it’s fair to say the future appeared very bright for that lovely boi!

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