Bazooka the 35-Pound Ginger Tabby Takes the Internet by Storm

Around the world, there are countless individuals who have a soft spot for ginger tabby cats. This sentiment is definitely shared by Bazooka, but what sets him apart is his remarkable size! Upon arrival at the Wake SPCA of North Carolina, Bazooka required not one but two drivers to transport him due to his weight of 35lbs. Despite his hefty frame, Bazooka stayed in good spirits throughout the trip!

A feline friend who’s five years young strutted into the Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in style, and now he’s causing a stir on the internet. This cute kitty was transported from Davidson County, which took about two hours. The moment the staff at SPCA saw his picture, they knew they had to have him. According to Darci Vanderslik, the spokesperson for the organization, “They alerted us to Bazooka here, and once we saw the pictures, we were like ‘we have to get this kitty’”.


Bazooka was taken to a shelter after his previous owner, who suffered from dementia, passed away. It is assumed that the cat was unintentionally overfed on a regular basis. In addition to a new diet and weight loss plan with his foster family, Bazooka is also healing emotionally. The previous owner had a genuine love for the cat and thought that he was doing what was best for him by overfeeding him. We need to approach this situation with compassion and understanding.

Vanderslik expressed that the goal is to reduce Bazooka’s weight by 20 to 25 pounds, as 35 pounds is quite heavy for a cat. However, they are taking things one step at a time. Despite his size, Bazooka, a ginger tabby, has been cooperative with his new diet plan. He has a calm and relaxed demeanor, which is typical of his breed. Even though his name may sound intimidating, Bazooka is truly a good-natured feline. To view ABC30 Action News’ video on Bazooka, click here.

This hefty feline has a bright future ahead of him, with hopes to help ease his past sorrows. According to reports, he already has a new owner in the works. However, it’s important to remember that there are countless other cats out there who are also up for adoption. Let’s hope that we see less and less of this lovable cat around in the coming year. Although it may take some time, every pound he sheds will improve his overall well-being.


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