“Behold the Majestic Maine Coons: Giants Among Feline Friends”

Maine Coons are undeniably huge cats, but that’s just more to love about them. Despite their imposing size, these felines are affectionate and loving creatures. It’s truly a sight to behold when you see one of these magnificent cats next to an average-sized cat, as you can appreciate just how massive they truly are. To give you a glimpse of the majesty of Maine Coons, we’ve compiled a collection of photos showcasing these super-sized cats in all their glory. Among our favorites is Lotus, whose owner attests that his heart is just as impressive as his size. Get ready to be awed by these larger-than-life felines!

super size maine coon cats

When discussing big Maine Coon cats, it’s impossible not to include Vivo the Maine Coon.

Vivo the maine coon

Meet Richie, the Maine Coon cat who is larger than life itself and boasts a stunning black smoke coat that is simply irresistible.

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