Blind Pit Bull Abandoned, Tied to a Park Bench, Confused and Unaware of Her Fate

What type of person could do this to a blind pit bull? At least the poor dog remains in a loving home now!


Blind pit was tied to a park bench and left there had no idea where she was or why she was left behind.

Too often, people adopt dogs without recognizing the vast responsibility that owning a pet comes with. When this happens, one can just hope they do the right thing, but some individuals are simply incredible. This blind pit bull was abandoned by his owner and left holding on to a park bench with no idea what was going on.

This blind pit bull was left alone on a park bench, frightened, without any sight of her ruthless owner

Polly, the blind pit bull, was left abandoned by her cruel owners and tied to a Santa Barbara park bench. Confused and dizzy, the poor dog had no idea what was going on.

She waited for her proprietors to return, but they never did. Luckily, the park is patrolled by animal control policemans 3 times a day so they eventually found Polly.
When pet control found her, Polly was too terrified to leave the park bench, even after they untied her

The shocked dog was scared beyond belief, animal control untied the pooch however she was also scared to relocate. Lastly, they were able to hoax the timid dog from the bench.

Animal control officers couldn’t believe someone would certainly do this to the poor canine, but that’s simply the start. When they thought it could not get any worse, they discovered something horrible.
Polly had actually simply given birth, meaning her callous owners adopted her only to get pit bull babies and then disposed of her

That’s right, the despicable proprietors only adopted Polly so they could sell her puppies. For years she was required to breed, with her babies being torn far from her at birth.

Polly was adopted by an animal rescuer, Jennifer Wales. After she heard the disabled dog’s story, she knew she needed to save her. Wales gained her trust with a cheeseburger prior to Polly lastly got a good nights rest,

Without the load barking and frightening sounds from the yard breeders, Polly could finally relax. But the even more bad news got on the way

Wales took Polly for a much more thorough medical examination, that’s when she obtained some truly bad news. The blind pit bull’s heart was stopping working, just expensive examinations could inform if she could undergo surgery.

After some generous donations, Wales was able to afford the test however the information just became worse.
The years of fast breeding had taken its toll, Polly’s heart was also harmed to undergo the surgical treatment.

Although Polly could not get the surgery to repair her heart, there’s still a silver lining, she’s finally out of the abusive grips of her former owners.

The doctors told Wales all she could do was make Polly comfortable for her remaining years, so that’s what she’s set out to do! The pit bull currently has a terrific life, she’s a pleased dog who doesn’t even look like that terrified pup they located on the bench that day. To see Polly’s story, watch the video clip below!

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