Cat Always Gazed Lovingly at Its New Owner for Hours, but When the Owner Picked Up the Baby, the Most Adorable Thing Occurred

If you have pets at home, you will find every movement they make totally adorable! Especially when there is a newest addition to the family – new baby! Often when there is a new family member, they will feel curious with their new little master and of course, the interactions between your pets and your newborn are no doubt hilarious ones!

Pets are usually curious with the new baby at home but the reactions of dogs and cats varies greatly. Dogs would usually dash forward foolishly but cats would be more alert.

Cats would want to come up close but they would usually observe from a near distance first. When the baby makes a sudden hand or leg movement or a sound, it would quickly retreat to a safe distance. However alert they want to be, their curiosity will always overshadow their alertness as they will never give up the idea of observing from a near distance.

Check out this compilation of funny photos when cats are too curious with their new master but are too afraid with them!

This cat is looking affectionately at the sleeping baby

Cat observing the baby up close

Surprisingly, when the baby makes a sudden movement, the cat will jump back to a safe distance.

A netizen initially thought that their pet cat was very curious towards their newborn baby as it kept standing close by and observing the baby

They found out that it was strange for their cat to observe their baby for a long time. Not to mention that their cat did not even blink an eye while staring at the baby!

The netizen started to doubt that there must be something that could not be seen by humans lurking close to their baby….

So, the netizen decided to pick her baby up away from the baby carriage. The next scene that she saw made her understood about their cat’s strange behaviour

Cat: “I waited for a long time… Finally it is my turn!”

Cat: “You kept me waiting for so long, you still do not understand me?”

Cat: “It wasn’t the cute baby that attract me. It was this carriage that made me want to snug in.”

In fact, cats will find ways to obtain their favourite things. You can observe that cats would frequently go around an item looking for a suitable opportunity to occupy it and a baby’s carriage is surprisingly one of its favourite snuggling place. His cat’s behaviour made him laugh as he did not thought that cats would have this kind of reactions.

These two cats look like they are about to attack the baby

Most of the time, humans misunderstand cats as their behaviour are very enigmatic. Often when we want to snuggle with our cats and shower them with love, they would just sit and stare at our face. So, How do we know whether or not cats like you? Below are four steps that will help you to make the right judgement.

  1. Observe how your cat look at you

Cats are born hunters so if it stares at something or another car without blinking, it means that they find the object or the other cat to be intimidating. It has not opened its heart to you just yet and would like to remain alert. On the contrary, if the cat blinks its eyes while staring at you, it means it likes you.

This also means that the cat feels you are a trustworthy person. If you find that your cat is silently communicating to you in this method, you can slowly blink back at your cat to convey your love to your cat as well.

  1. Moving silently

When you are with your cat and you want to leave the room, remember to leave the room slowly and quietly.

If the cat follows you leaving the room, this means that it likes you. This also means that the cat feels safe beside you and no matter where you go, it would follow you.

  1. When you reach home does it welcome you?

Observe your cat when you reach home as cats have very excellent hearings and can tell from afar if their owner has or has not come home.

If it likes you, it would welcome you at the door. To a cat, welcoming its owner home proves that it loves you. Now, you can give you cat a gentle scratch below the chin and now is definitely a good time to bond with your cat.

  1. Observe its tail

Observing its tail is the easiest method to tell if your cat likes you or not.

If the person that it likes is close to it, its tail would be lying in a linear manner. If its tail is slightly curved like a question mark means it still likes its owner. The more linear its tail is, the deeper its love would be for its owner.

If you observe your cat with these 4 tips, it would be very easy for you to tell if your cat loves you or not. This also inevitably tells us that cats are also full of emotions, just like us. While they may not act in a straightforward manner, know that they too, love you with all their hearts.

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