Comical Canine Cheems Dozes Off During Cancer Procedure, But Tragically Does Not Make It Out Alive

Cheems, the beloved dog who captured the hearts of many as a viral meme sensation, has unfortunately passed away. The news came as a shock to the internet community, as the adorable pup lost his life while undergoing surgery to combat cancer. Cheems was adopted by a loving family in Hong Kong and became widely recognized for his cute appearance in 2017. Despite the sadness that surrounds his loss, Cheems will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who adored him.

Balltze, in no time, became a never-ending source of inspiration for numerous memes that were widely circulated by internet users from various age groups.

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People from all corners of the globe adore him for his comical facial expressions and endearing personality.

It is with a heavy heart to announce that the popular meme dog, Ball Ball, has passed away during his surgery on Friday afternoon at the age of 12. The pet’s owners shared their deep sorrow by penning an emotional obituary for their furry friend on Instagram. They had planned to arrange chemotherapy or other potential treatments for Ball Ball after the medical procedure, but unfortunately, it was too late. The beloved dog will be greatly missed by many.

Cheer up! Instead of feeling down, let’s focus on the happiness that Balltze brought to the world. With his round, smiling face and playful nature, this Shiba Inu was able to connect people and brighten up many lives during the pandemic. Although it’s sad to say goodbye, we can take comfort in knowing that his mission has been fulfilled.


According to balltze, they think that their pet is now happily playing in the open skies and enjoying tasty meals with their new companions. Although the pet has passed away, they will always hold a special place in balltze’s heart. Moreover, balltze hopes that their pet’s memory will continue to bring happiness to others online, as that is the only thing they humbly request.

The Cheems family expressed their gratitude towards the individuals who have shown their love and support towards their beloved dog. They wanted to thank everyone who has helped them take care of Balltze, especially the medical staff who have been with them for the past six months. The family appreciates all the kindness and generosity shown towards Ball Ball and considers it as the purest form of love in the world. Having Ball Ball in their life is the best thing that ever happened, and they are truly grateful to everyone who has been there for them throughout this journey.

Balltze made an announcement that instead of using the money collected for medical bills, it will now be donated to animal charities within the local community. The response from fans worldwide has been heartening with over a million likes on the post. This shows the immense love and respect people have for the adorable dog. Many supporters conveyed their condolences and affectionate messages to the Cheems family.

“His impact will never fade away… a heartfelt thank you for everything, balltze.” A commenter expressed their gratitude.
“I came to know about this iconic figure through a meme trend. It’s heartbreaking to learn about his demise a few years later. He helped countless individuals endure the challenging year of 2020 and beyond. His memes will continue to commemorate his life and the happiness he brought to everyone. Rest in peace, legend – you will be dearly missed.” Another individual shared their emotions.

Let’s bid farewell to Cheems, the adorable dog who brought joy to our lives with his memes. We’ll always cherish his memory, and his memes will continue to spread happiness on the internet. If you’ve enjoyed reading about Cheems, please like and share this article to stay updated on more heartwarming stories. For more inspiring tales and cute content, visit our website.

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