Cristiano Ronaldo Declares He Will Never Pressure His Son into Football: ‘I’ll Support in Any Way’ – Hollywood Nuts

Cristiano Ronaldo Vows Unconditional Support for His Children’s Life Goals, Regardless of Soccer Involvement

In a recent episode of his long-term girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez’s Netflix project, “I Am Georgina,” 36-year-old Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo opened up about his unwavering commitment to his children. Ronaldo, a proud father of four children aged between 4 and 11 years old – twins Eva Maria and Mateo, daughter Alana Martina (also 4), and son Cristiano Jr. – expressed that he will always stand by their ambitions, even if they do not revolve around soccer.

During the episode, the star athlete discussed the potential of his eldest son becoming a “great” soccer player if he dedicates himself to the sport. However, Ronaldo emphasized that he will never impose pressure on Cristiano Jr. to follow in his footsteps as a professional soccer player.

Ronaldo firmly believes that the future holds all the answers. He recognizes that no amount of pressure from him can influence his son’s decisions. He respects his son’s autonomy and desires, aiming to provide him with happiness and freedom to pursue his own path. This sentiment extends to his youngest child, Cristianito, as well as to everyone else. The father of four is determined to offer assistance in any way possible.

He continued by highlighting the importance of being a good father, acknowledging the significance of his partnership with Rodriguez in achieving this. According to Ronaldo, the key is to raise children with unconditional love and provide them with a stable environment. He finds Rodriguez’s guidance invaluable in this regard.

Celebrating Rodriguez’s 28th birthday, Ronaldo illuminated Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper with an image of his fiancée and a birthday message. He also shared a picture of their family, including Rodriguez and their children, taken on a rooftop. The caption read, “We love you @georginagio.”

In a touching video, Ronaldo announced in December that Rodriguez was expecting their second set of twins – a boy and a girl. The video showed Eva and Alana holding one balloon, while Cristiano Jr. and Mateo held another. As Rodriguez counted to three, the children popped the balloons, releasing pink and blue confetti into the air, which garnered applause from their loved ones. The pair captioned the video “Where life begins and love never ends #blessed,” capturing the essence of their heartwarming moment together.

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