Despite Humiliation, the Chicken’s Patience in Helping These Dogs Eat from a Table Has Paid Off, Resulting in a Funny and Entertaining Scene.

The behavior and antics of animals are very entertaining to watch, especially when they are unaware that we are watching. Whereas, some of them exaggerate these antics when they know we are watching or when they try to get our full attention. We all admit, though, we are entertained by them.

Recently, a humorous video of a chicken helping a dog have its meal on the table went viral. The two other dogs on the ground seem to be waiting for their turn to have their meal.

Amazingly, the chicken who does not seem to mind being stepped on its back looks very comfortable in this position. Perhaps they have been helping each other very often.

Not being satisfied with his reach, the dog seems to shift its weight (0:05 in the video) to further reach food on the table. I doubt people who have seen this video would not laugh at such a sight!

If the poor chicken is not feeling comfortable about the situation, it is doing a great job in concealing its reactions. Although it seems like they have been doing this scenario for quite some time to help each other achieve their goals.

Credits: Animals World/Twitter

Although the video was just uploaded on the evening of December 3, netizens have enjoyed being entertained by these animals helping each other, and the video instantly went viral.

Here are some reactions of netizens:

And here are other comments:

“Yes, cooperation is best!”

“These videos, at odds, are the most cute videos!”

The video, posted by Animals World on Twitter, has garnered more than 4,100 likes, more than 1,100 re-Tweeted, and 33 comments.

It is amazing how kind gestures have been done by animals from different types co-relate. Although they are from different species, they do not discriminate against one another and even help each other all the time!

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