Female Traveler Finds 6-Week-Old Puppy That Curls Up in Her Purse

Sandy and her now ex-partner had visited Sri-Lankan beach, where they found this tiny puppy, Sam, sitting on a sun chair just by herself. The two of them knew they had to take her along.

The two of them stayed in Sri Lanka for a few months and thought they would foster Sam. However, she was so loving that the new mom could not just let Sandy go. The little puppy was so small that she kept her in the purse the entire time.

Sandy would put Sam in the bag, and the little one would fit in perfectly. Then, she would go on scooter rides. Soon, the tourists were off to another country, but before they left, they adopted Sam.

The couple then ended up flying from Sri Lanka to Kosovo. It was their first time traveling with a dog, which was a bit tough for Sandy and her partner. However, Sam was excellent and calm.

The dog traveled to many places with her mom. First, they went to Kosovo, Tirana, Saranda, Albania, and finally, Belgrade, Serbia. Sam was a traveler dog, but she loved Oaxaca City in Mexico.

Wherever Sam and her mom, Sandy, traveled, they tried to be closer to the beach. So there was this connection of this dog with the beach. Whenever Sam got to know that they were visiting the beach, she got super excited.

However, the poor thing could not eat any solids. When she was little, Sam had teeth, but her baby teeth never grew back. Sam and Sandy were best friends who did every single thing together.

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