From Adorable Kitten to Majestic Beast: The Tale of a Maine Coon Mistaken for a Lion

Maine Coon kitten is so big people think it's a lion

The internet is abuzz with a woman’s recent TikTok post showcasing the enormous size of her nine-month-old Maine Coon kitten named Kusa. Chas, Kusa’s owner, frequently shares videos of her pets on social media, but this clip of Kusa has gained viral attention as many viewers think he looks more like a lion than a typical domestic cat. One TikTok user even commented that he resembled a bobcat, prompting Chas to respond with a video displaying Kusa’s size by holding him up to the camera.

The size of Kusa has left many people amazed and questioning whether it is a huge cat or a small lion. One individual found it hard to believe that such a cat exists, while another was fascinated by its size and referred to it as “cool.” A third person expressed shock that Kusa is only nine months old and yet not fully grown.

Kusa is only nine-months old and is already a huge Maine Coon

At only nine months old, Kusa the Maine Coon is already a pretty big kitty! According to Chas, Kusa’s owner, this breed of cat can continue to grow until they’re about four or five years old. In fact, Maine Coons are the largest domestic cats around, with the average one reaching about 10-16 inches in height and up to 40 inches in length!

Despite their large size, Maine Coons are known for being very chill and loving animals. So, if you’re considering adopting one, don’t let their size scare you off – they make great pets with their laid-back and affectionate temperament.

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