From Black Feline to Marble-Like Beauty: The Transformation of a 19-Year-Old Cat with a Rare Skin Condition

In 1997, a man named David purchased a black cat without realizing that it would develop marble-patterned fur in the future. David recalls meeting the cat, named Scrappy, and choosing him despite thinking he might not be as cute as his siblings. As Scrappy got older, his coat began to turn white due to a genetic mutation called vitiligo, which is rare in cats but has no effect on their health. At 19 years old, Scrappy is still active, ruling the street and being a diva. Despite sometimes being grumpy, Scrappy is very affectionate towards David, who is the only one allowed to rub his belly.


“He was undeniably adorable, but we didn’t believe he would be perceived as cute as his brothers and sisters by everyone else.”


I chose to adopt Scrappy because I had a feeling that he might not get picked by anyone else, and I didn’t want him to be left behind.


When my fluffy feline companion turned 7, I noticed that her once vibrant coat started to turn a snowy white. After some research, it seems that this change may be due to vitiligo, a skin condition.


There is no impact on the feline’s well-being, and the elderly cat of 19 years is still going strong!


Yep, that’s the origin of his moniker: “Even though he’s older, he rummages for food with the other cats in the area…”


One could possibly infer that he dominates the neighborhood.


Scrappy is quite the prima donna! Trying to capture his picture can be quite a challenge since he tends to avert his gaze most of the time.


At certain instances, he tends to display a rather disgruntled demeanor.


My furry companion can be quite the chatterbox at night, often meowing loudly and disrupting my sleep. It’s not uncommon for him to demand to be let out at odd hours with his persistent yowling.

19-Year-Old Black Cat Turns Into A Marble Beauty, Most Likely Due To A Rare Skin Condition

Despite everything, the man loves his furry companion and expresses that Scrappy is extremely fond of him.


Scrappy allows only one person, the man, to give him a belly rub.


Observing the stunning appearance of the moody feline known as the “nordic god” cat, we can’t help but feel envious!


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