From Pariah to Cherished: The Heartfelt Story of Sansa, the Polydactyl Cat.

In my opinion, having distinct qualities is a positive attribute. We all have our individuality, even felines. Being dissimilar from others is what makes us exceptional. And I believe that when a cat deviates from the norm, they become more prominent and brilliant. Sansa is a peculiar cat, but she is absolutely stunning. Her beautiful heterochromia eyes, 21 toes, and lustrous white fur make her look like an exceptional little angelic kitty that leaves you in awe. Unfortunately, she was abandoned by her previous family, who were unable to see her charm. However, fortunately for her, a benevolent woman read about her unfortunate situation without even seeing her and knew that Sansa deserved a permanent home with her. Allow me to introduce Sansa the Polydactyl Cat, a true treasure of a kitty who deserves all the love in the world.

Sansa, the feline with special needs, often faces rejection from potential adopters who are afraid of not being able to take proper care of her. However, taking care of any cat is a responsibility, and adopting a special needs cat shouldn’t be seen as daunting. In fact, Sansa’s story might encourage more people to give these cats a chance. I had the opportunity to speak with Sansa’s owner and ask some questions about the adorable kitty cat. Read on to discover more about this charming feline.

In July 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting Sansa at an adoption event that took place in a Petco store located in Manhattan. My husband and I had gone there with the intention of meeting another cat we found on PetFinder. However, when we arrived, my attention was immediately drawn to an empty-looking cage with a handwritten sign explaining that the cat inside suffered from anxiety and heartbreak from being abandoned by their only family. After reading the note, I knew I wanted that cat. When I expressed my interest to the volunteer, she lifted the cat bed to reveal Sansa (who went by Snow at the time), hiding underneath. To my surprise, she was all white with unique colored eyes and extra toes!

Can you tell me about Sansa’s age? When did she become a part of your family and how old is she now? Our furry friend Sansa joined us at the age of 1.5 years and she is now 5 years old. Although her exact birthday is unknown, we celebrate it on December 1st as it is her estimated birth date.

How would you describe her character?
She embodies all the qualities of “sugar, spice and everything nice”! She’s highly intelligent, affectionate, and playful with a tendency for mischief. For instance, she wakes us up every morning by knocking items off our nightstand and waiting for our reaction. If we don’t stir, she continues knocking things off until we’re up and about. Despite her playful side, she’s also calm and gentle. However, she’s prone to anxiety and easily frightened by loud noises, such as fireworks, thunder, dogs barking, and so forth. When confronted with such sounds, she retreats to the corners to hide.

How does her Feline Hyperesthesia (also known as Twitchy Cat Disease) impact her everyday routine? In the past, her hyperesthesia was much more severe and had a detrimental impact on her daily life. She used to experience episodes of “back rolling” multiple times throughout the day, which caused her to attack her tail uncontrollably. These episodes could last for over 5 minutes each time. However, through the use of hemp oil, her episodes are now managed, and she only experiences them about 1-2 times a week. These episodes last for approximately 30 seconds each time. When she does have an episode, I try to distract her with toys so that she doesn’t attack her tail; however, there is no way to stop the back rolling. Fortunately, her episodes are now mild and don’t significantly impact her daily life.

How many total toes does Miss Sansa have?
Miss Sansa has a total of twenty-one toes. On each front paw, she has six toes, while her left hind paw has five toes, and her right hind paw has the normal four toes.

What’s something unique about Miss Sansa?
Miss Sansa had a difficult start to life, resulting in her being extremely fearful when she arrived at the shelter. Initially, it appeared unlikely that she would ever become the affectionate lap cat that she is today. However, over time, she has learned to overcome her fears, and now she gives out loads of love. It’s important to note that all cats, including the shy and anxious ones, deserve a chance to be loved. Sansa’s story demonstrates that with patience and tender loving care, “less adoptable” and special needs cats can provide endless amounts of love. Hopefully, her story will encourage more people to adopt these felines.

I want to express my gratitude towards Karen for letting me share Sansa’s story and pictures with all of you. My hope is that this tale will encourage others to adopt cats that are often labeled as less adoptable. These felines have a lot of love to offer and can reward you with a bond that will fill your heart. Make sure to follow Sansa’s daily cuteness on Instagram.
All of the images have been taken from Sansa the Polydactyl Cat on Instagram.
If you’re fascinated by extra-toed cats like me, then head over to my Cattitude Daily YouTube channel where I have shared some intriguing facts about them in a video. Happy watching!

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