Giant Cat Alert: Introducing the Maine Coon That Resembles a Canine!

Kefir the Maine Coon cat is only one-year-old, which means he's not done growing!

Meet Kefir, the Maine Coon cat who is making waves on social media. This adorable feline is only one year old but stands as tall as a small child. His owner, Yulia Minina, has been sharing pictures of him online, and they have quickly gone viral. Kefir weighs a staggering 26.5 pounds, and when he stands up, he towers over most people. Despite his size, Kefir may not be done growing yet. Maine Coon cats typically continue to grow until they reach three years old. So, we might just see even more of Kefir’s impressive stature in the future.

Kefir is 26.5 pounds and could grow up to one metre long

Kefir, a cat weighing 26.5 pounds, has the potential to grow up to one meter in length. This feline belongs to the Maine Coon breed, which is the second biggest domestic cat species globally and originated from the state of Maine in the United States. Interestingly, this particular breed is even officially recognized as the state cat of Maine.

Maine Coons are the second largest domestic cat breed in the world

Maine Coon cats are renowned for being the second biggest domestic cat breed globally, and they can reach a length of one meter. Despite their size, these feline friends are affectionately called gentle giants due to their amiable dispositions.

Kefir's owner says that when people visit the house they often mistake him for a dog

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