Introducing Narnia: The Unique Feline with a Split Face Known as a “Chimera”

Narnia the Cat - Munchiecat

Stéphanie Jiminez is the proud owner of Narnia, a 5-year-old British Shorthair with electric blue eyes and a perfectly split gray and black face. Narnia may have a rare genetic condition known as chimerism, and tests are currently underway to confirm this. Feline chimeras occur when two kittens fuse together early in their mother’s womb, resulting in a kitten with its own DNA and that of a second kitten, essentially making them a non-identical twin of themselves. Narnia was born on March 28, 2017, at the Chatterie de la Grâce, a small no-cage cattery in Paris, France, where Stéphanie fell in love with the sweet, kind, and intelligent British Shorthair and British Longhair cats in 2010 because of their resemblance to baby bears. Photos of Narnia are courtesy of Stéphanie Jiminez.

Narnia the Cat From Birth to Adulthood

Muscari D’Aerlin, a red tabby cat with long hair and odd eyes, is Narnia’s father. Meanwhile, his mother is Jeen, a blue British Shorthair cat from Chatterie de Virvarnon. Stéphanie, Narnia’s owner, shares that she named him after her favorite book series, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, following the rule that cat names should start with the letter “N” during that year.

Narnia, the two-faced cat, is a product of the British Celestia project. It was initiated by Sophie Guittonneau from Aerlin Cattery with LOOF’s permission – the only recognized cat registry in France. The project aimed to breed British Shorthairs with blue eyes.

Munchiecat - Collage of Narnia

Stephanie was well aware of Narnia’s extraordinary appearance and desired to showcase it to the entire world. This led her to create an Instagram account for him in June 2016. Many people have questioned the authenticity of Narnia’s stunning looks, and upon seeing him for the first time, they are often left speechless and amazed.

Narnia is a professional show cat and has participated in various shows across France, Belgium, and Switzerland. He is also a World Bloggers Award winner in 2019. Despite his remarkable achievements, Narnia has a friendly and gentle personality and is incredibly soft to the touch. However, when placed in an unfamiliar environment, he can be quite timid. Stephanie shares a special bond with Narnia, calling him her “little baby.”

Narnia Kittens

Narnia, the beloved feline, enjoys playing with catnip toys and indulging in mashed potatoes. However, he also spends quality time with his partner Bella, who has a beautiful grey and gold coat with brownish-gold eyes. Together, they have nine kittens who may not share Narnia’s unique two-toned face, but often inherit his signature blue eyes and white markings. Additionally, this charming kitty shares his home with a mini Lop Plush rabbit named Peluche, whom he was initially afraid of but now calls a great friend. Narnia’s best bud is a long-haired Chihuahua named Aslan, cleverly named after the talking lion in The Chronicles of Narnia series.
If you’re curious about the British Shorthair breed, take a glance at our detailed graphic for more information.

British Shorthair Profile Infographic | Munchiecat 2022

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