Lionel Messi has now scored the most goals (160) from outside the box in football history 🤯🎯

A remarkable achievement of the legendary Lionel Messi! Overcoming other legends to become the player who scores the most goals from outside the penalty area in football history is an extremely impressive milestone.


Lionel Messi, the famous Argentine striker, has proven his superior long-range shooting ability. With 160 goals scored from outside the penalty area, he is far ahead of other top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimović or Karim Benzema.

It is worth mentioning that Messi’s long-range shots are not only beautiful but also very effective. He always shows excellent accuracy and technique when making shots from afar, making many of the world’s top goalkeepers give up.

The continuous increase in goals from outside the penalty area further affirms Messi’s position as one of the best long-range players of all time. Among these goals, there will certainly be many shots that are considered his “masterpieces”.


This is an extremely proud achievement of Lionel Messi. With such stable performance and top long-range shooting ability, fans believe that he will continue to break many other records in the future. Congratulations to Messi on his new milestone of scoring a goal from outside the penalty area!

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