“Mabel’s Magnificent Crocheted Feline: A Heartwarming Tale of an Elderly Grandmother’s Creative Passion”

Viral Photo Of Giant Cat Crocheted By Elderly Lady Is Actually Fake

Feedy, a Facebook page, has shared three unique photos of an 80-year-old grandma and her giant crocheted cat. Many people who have seen these pictures believe that they are genuine, owing to their incredible realism. However, my personal opinion is that these are examples of photo-editing done with the help of artificial intelligence. It is highly unlikely to create such impressive images solely by human hand. Two reasons support my viewpoint. Firstly, the size of the crocheted cats is enormous and almost unbelievable. Making such large cats would need an extraordinary amount of expense, effort, and skill. Hence, it is much easier to create a normal-sized cat and then digitally enlarge it. Secondly, in one of the photos, the woman’s left hand appears disproportionately long, indicating a mistake in editing.

These images are truly impressive when it comes to photo editing skills, though the creator’s identity remains unknown. I personally speculated that the creator could be a Chinese man, but I could be wrong. Interestingly, the videos also feature Chinese individuals. However, I have an update on this – I was mistaken! It turns out that the creator is a Ukrainian woman named Lydia. I discovered her story on Instagram, which you can check out via the link provided. Lydia is not only skilled in photo editing, but also in crochet. As for the images themselves, they have been shared across various social media platforms, including Russian and Chinese websites. Despite my daily internet usage, this is the first time I’ve come across them.

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