Man Hears a Squealing Sound Inside a Muddy Hole, and When He Starts Digging, He’s Left Astonished

When a Michigan resident heard some unfamiliar noises coming from his backyard, he quickly went out to investigate and realized that the “strange cries” were actually squeals of puppies that were stuck in a mud pit.

Eleven mud-caked puppies stuck in a wet hole were lucky to be saved after a heavy rainstorm inundated their underground “cave,” with more rain expected to fall soon.

As many as 11 puppies were saved in Detroit, Michigan, from drowning in a muddy hole on July 12. The city was hit by a heavy rainstorm, which caused the area to be wet and muddy.

Fortunately, workers from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) came to these poor little creatures’ aid. Chris Ouwerkerk from the Michigan Humane Society showed how it wasn’t easy to grab the puppies, as they insisted on hiding deep inside the muddy hole.

He started to dig, but was worried the hole would cave in, so he had to lie down and stretch his arm right inside. “It’s like a little cave under there,” he exclaims.

When Ouwerkerk managed to grab one puppy out, the pup was squealing and afraid.

But the rescue worker quickly assured the little pup that everything was fine.

“You’re okay! You’re okay! I think I got you beat on the mud though. I’m muddier than you are,” he’s heard saying in the video.

As he hands the little puppy over to his colleague, he humorously comments, “He’s a talker.”

Luckily, these guys arrived just in time, as more rain was predicted.

“Without mom and with all the rain that is coming today. As you can tell it’s all wet and muddy down there and those guys are wet and muddy,” said Ouwerkerk.

“So we didn’t want to leave them, because if it does flood down there… If they didn’t make it out, then they wouldn’t survive. If they did make it out, they didn’t have a home. You know mom can protect them only so much and there are other stray dogs in the area…”

After the 11 puppies were safe and sound, the humane society workers set up a trap for the puppies’ mom, pictured above, and later reunited her with her litter.

Everyone would agree that it was certainly worth it to get a little muddy on this occasion. Great job to these wonderful people!


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