Messi drives fans crazy when wearing an Arab costume

Lionel Messi, an Argentinian celebrity, recently surprised many people by adopting an Arabic outfit, which sparked speculation about his future. Messi did not start in Inter Miami’s last American Professional Soccer League (MLS) match against Montreal. It’s also worth noting that Messi was previously tackled during a CONCACAF Champions Cup encounter against Nashville SC. As a result, the fact that Messi sat in the seats for Inter Miami’s recent loss to Montreal has generated suspicions that he may have sustained a major injury. However, all concerns were alleviated by coach Gerardo Martino’s statement to the media about not sending Messi onto the field so that he could recuperate after playing four straight games.

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Meanwhile, Messi’s performance in Arabic costumes astounded many people. The image of the eight-time Golden Ball winner dressed in an Arabic attire spread quickly on social media, sparking speculation about Messi’s future. Some individuals even seemed to comprehend when they suggested that this may be a sign that Messi was ready to “turn around” and leave Inter Miami to play for a certain club in the Saudi Pro League.

Messi promotes Savyar’s brand

In fact, Messi does not waste time and will open new opportunities after he retires. As a result, Messi jumped into the fashion industry with enthusiasm. According to reports, Messi has agreed to collaborate with Savyar, a Saudi Arabian firm that sells clothing and other items. Messi was photographed in an Arabic outfit for an advertising campaign for Savyar. Although the financial terms of the arrangement were not released, many sources believe the 2022 World Cup champion received a pretty significant reward. “Messi is one of the most well-known and prominent players in the world. “We hope that this collaboration will yield positive results,” said a Savyar brand spokesperson.

Having said that, Messi previously collaborated with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism to become a tourism ambassador for the oil country. Messi’s contract is for three years and offers a “huge” pay of up to $25 million USD. A statistic that will surprise many people, particularly the Argentine star’s ardent supporters.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, râu và văn bản

According to current research, the Visit Saudi campaign, which featured Lionel Messi, reached 747 million people in 92 countries and 20 languages. “The collaboration between Visit Saudi and Messi on the social networking site Instagram generated the most public interest. This has drawn international attention to Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry. It is demonstrated by Google and YouTube search data,” a representative of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism stated. “Lionel Messi’s participation not only brings Saudi Arabia into the global spotlight but also effectively addresses other important topics such as women’s empowerment, cultural change, and tourism.”

Có thể là hình ảnh về giày

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