Messi politely requested to join Man City, but Pep Guardiola sternly declined

A year before his contract with Barcelona ended, Messi reportedly spoke with Pep Guardiola and requested to join Man City. This information is reported by The Sun.

pep guardiola lionel messi barcelona.jpgWhen Messi first met Pep Guardiola, he asked him to sign with Man City, but he was turned down.
That occurred in 2020, during which the renowned Argentinean star had a significant disagreement with President Bartomeu. It was also the year that Messi sent a fax requesting to leave Nou Camp.ImageIn the book “Good Save Pep” written by journalist Marti Perarnau, who spent a long time going “behind the scenes” to get documents about Pep Guardiola, revealed the above.The story is told as follows: Messi contacted his close friend Sergio Aguero and asked Pep Guardiola how long he planned to stay at Man City.

messi pep guardiola 1.jpgAfter Messi joined PSG, the captain of Man City once admitted that he never imagined the legendary number 10 would leave Barcelona.
Subsequently, the striker ranked 10 called his old instructor, setting up a meeting at Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola’s residence.

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Pep quickly thwarted Messi’s plan to join Man City and play Premier League football at this meeting. He had a lot of cautions for M10 since, in Pep Guardiola’s opinion, Barca is the best location for his brilliant pupil.ImagePep Guardiola is said to have told Messi: “In Manchester, we practice hard and I talk a lot about tactics. Maybe you will get bored.”Messi at that time still wanted to go to Man City because he wanted to ‘escape’ Barca at all costs because of the conflict with Bartomeu, so he pleaded with his former teacher: “I will practice hard, there is nothing to worry about. I will accept everything you do.”inter miami messi 8.jpgMessi is currently enjoying life and the joy of playing football in America, at David Beckham’s Inter MiamiHowever, Pep Guardiola still insisted, telling Messi: “Leo, we are both getting older, maybe we can’t stand each other anymore.”The next year, after President Joan Laporta broke his word and refused to sign a new contract with Messi, the player left Barca in tears to join PSG. Before deciding to join David Beckham’s Inter Miami in July, he spent two miserable years in Paris. HLV Pep Guardiola ngầm xác nhận Messi thắng Erling Haaland ở giải thưởng  Quả bóng vàngLionel Messi hails Pep Guardiola as 'the best manager in the world' as  Argentina star reveals the four players he felt 'most comfortable'  alongside | UKMüthiş ilişki: Guardiola & Messi - ÖZEL İÇERİK - Futboo.comMessi xin Pep Guardiola cho gia nhập Man City nhưng bị từ chối phũLionel Messi hails 'special' Pep Guardiola as one of two best managers he  played for amid Man City transfer talk | The SunPep Guardiola was so much more than a boss to Lionel Messi, and could be  again at Manchester City | Daily Mail OnlinePep Guardiola was so much more than a boss to Lionel Messi, and could be  again at Manchester City | Daily Mail OnlineKhông có mô tả ảnh.Pep và canh bạc cuối: Biến Messi thành 'bigCityboi'?

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