Messi spends time chilling with Will Smith

The Inter Miami player, who also happens to be fluent in English, has put his acting chops to the test by appearing in a Bad Boys commercial with Will Smith.

A global advertising campaign is now underway in anticipation of the release of Ride or Die, the fourth installment of the Bad Boys film franchise. In order to build anticipation for the film’s premiere, Smith and co-star Martin Lawrence have enlisted the help of Miami’s elite.

The newest teaser video features NBA great Jimmy Butler—a mascot for the Miami Heat in Florida—as he tries to join the Bad Boy cult but is kicked out of the programme and sent rushing back to the court.

Messi is also part of that process, but when the Argentine icon shows up at Smith and Lawrence’s residence and makes an unusual effort to learn English, they hysterically reject him. A door slams in the face of the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner, who is told to try another location because of his size.

\Messi continues to astound spectators while working as a Miami police officer, even though he probably isn’t suited for the position. After getting some rest for a long travel to Vancouver, he is set to return to action on Wednesday. He has been sensational in MLS this season, earning MVP hype the whole way.

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