Messi’s ‘no need to look’ assist received significant applause

Lionel Messi provided five assists in Inter Miami’s victory over New York RB, including a “no-look” pass for Matias Roja to score.

Lionel Messi had a spectacular performance in Inter Miami’s 6-2 victory over the New York Red Bulls, recording 5 assists and 1 goal. The Argentine striker helped Luis Suarez in scoring a hat-trick, while Matias Rojas scored twice in the second half.
Although much has been said about Messi and Suarez’s relationship, with coach Gerardo Martino himself stating that “his partnership with Luis remains the same,” social networks continue to focus on the specifics of the period. The combination resulted in Rojas’ goal, which increased the score to 3-1.

Rojas celebrates a goal with Messi

Messi astonished everyone at Chase Stadium in the 61st minute with a millimeter-accurate pass, similar to the assist he gave Nahuel Molina in the World Cup encounter against the Netherlands in 2022.

This time, the former Barcelona star played the ball deep into the penalty area between four men, allowing the Paraguayan player to face the goal and score spectacularly.

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