Nasa Tech assists Ronaldo, who is 38 years old, in maintaining peak physical condition for Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo’s athleticism is just outstanding. For nearly two decades, the Portuguese have dominated the soccer world. Aside from that, Ronaldo is an incredible athlete. His consistency sets him apart from the others.

The forward moved to the Saudi Pro League after dominating European football. People are curious as to how the veteran maintains his health and physique despite his advanced age. However, it was recently revealed that Ronaldo’s amazing physical fitness is the result of a one-of-a-kind NASA-designed equipment.

People would have assumed the superstar joined Al-Nassr due to his advanced age. But Ronaldo has silenced his detractors this season and has been in fantastic form. With ten goals, he tops the Saudi Pro League scoring lists.


A physical recuperation mechanism built by NASA scientists is the source of the Portuguese captain’s incredible physical strength. The Vascusport Regeneration System is a device that is located in his home and allows him to maintain his physical state. This technique improves lymphatic flow, activates the drainage effect, and increases endorphin levels in the brain, all while bringing more oxygen to the tissues. It also improves circulation and speeds up the healing process, allowing Ronaldo to recover from injuries more quickly.

Despite the NASA equipment assisting the superstar’s recovery, Ronaldo’s rigorous diet is one of the factors that contribute to his current health. His well-planned diet includes things like beef, avocado, coconut oil, chicken, eggs, and black rice.

He also offers thalassotherapy treatments, in which sea-derived chemicals are used to calm the muscles. Cryotherapy is another treatment Ronaldo use to help him eradicate aberrant skin cells, and it is beneficial to those who have incurred injuries.

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