Pit Bull Plunges into Dangerous River, Rescues Boy from Near Drowning.

They have no idea when their dogs are heroes. They just do what they are told or what is proper, and that is all. But, whether they realize it or not, dogs that save lives ought to be recognized worldwide. Max, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bulldog hybrid, is now one of those courageous canines.

While dogs like Max are sometimes chastised for belonging to the “Bully breed,” this sweet pup demonstrated to the world how sweet Pit Bulls can be by saving a boy from drowning. The boy might not have lived if Max hadn’t come to his aid.

Horror on the Beach

Beaches are uplifting places, especially for dogs that enjoy being in the water. It’s not so pleased when the water current picks up. Rob Osborn and Max were relaxing on the riverbank at Port Noarlunga, Australia. It was all fun and games until they noticed the current suddenly pick up with a boy stuck in it.

Osborn saw the boy in trouble and prepared to swim out himself. But then he realized how eager Max was to swim again. As a result, Osborn screamed to the pup and pointed at the boy. Max jumped into the water without hesitation and performed precisely what he was told.

“The tide was coming in and sucking the boy over to all of the big rocks and into a really deep part of the river,” Osborn explained.

Max swam out to him, sporting an attractive dog life jacket. Osborn urged the boy to call Max, and when the pup approached, the boy grasped the handle of the life jacket. The child was clearly afraid, but he was in wonderful hands.

Some Heroes Come with Four Paws

The boy clung on for his life as the kind pup paddled him back to shore, where his mother awaited him. The child was uninjured but was visibly disturbed. Of course, Osborn was ecstatic with his canine companion.

“He’s a hero, he just doesn’t realize it.” “He was just doing what he was told,” Osborn explained.

Unfortunately, the boy and his mother departed before the news crew arrived. They undoubtedly wanted to get home as soon as possible. But Osborn hopes they can find a way to contact him and let him know the boy is safe and well.

Max deserves every accolade in the world for his bravery. His altruistic approach, perhaps, will teach the world that all dogs, particularly Pit Bulls, can be good friends and even heroes. After all, this sweet puppy arrived on the scene before any people.

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