Proper Last Rites Granted to an Abandoned Dog in Singapore – Rest in Peace

Image credit: Purely Adoptions

Permanent resting place. Sadly, not all abandoned animals that have been rescued get adopted. Worse, these stray animals develop illness when they wander the streets hunting for food and finding a place to shelter each day. A stray senior dog was found abandoned and wandering the streets bordering Yishun and Canberra, was given proper rites when it passed away.

On April 10, 2021, a 14-year-old Shih Tzu christened “Baby” was found abandoned at a public park by a stray feeder. Luckily, it was taken in by a rescuer.

Credits to Purely Adoptions

However, before Baby, a male dog, could be adopted or fostered, he suddenly passed away on April 15.

It happened when the rescuers were able to trace the owner, but declined to take him back. Apparently, the senior dog was found to have been suffering from old age-related ailments, including having skin conditions and heart problems.

Proper last rites and final permanent home

On April 16, the group, Purely Adoptions shared information and photos of Baby’s last rites on Facebook. They also included photos of what happened before he passed away. They initially appealed for Baby to be fostered or adopted, but Baby passed before a family could be found.

Credits to Purely Adoptions

The post showed photos of Baby’s final moments and the proper send-off and last rites he was eventually given.

Events before Baby passed away.

After Baby was rescued on April 10, his rescuer posted a story about the dog’s circumstances on the Facebook group page, Purely Adoptions, appealing to fosters and adopters to come forward.

Incidentally, on the night of April 14, the rescuer informed the group about Baby’s deteriorating condition – merely 4 days after he was rescued.

The dog was then brought to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital, where he was hospitalized for one night.

Baby was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, such as existing heart problems and pneumonia.

He could no longer breathe on his own when Baby was brought in for treatment.

Baby suddenly passed away on April 15 while the vet was providing live updates to the rescuer about the dog’s condition.

Ashes were adopted by the rescuer

Baby was given a formal send-off and proper last rites were performed at a pet cremation service, Rainbow Paradise. His rescuer attended the ceremony and took Baby’s ashes home.

“Baby is not alone. He is not unwanted. He has been loved dearly,” the post said. “We wish we can do more for him.”

The post added: “Baby has been adopted and he finally has a home…”

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