Puppies and Mother Dog Roaming the Streets with Severe Skin Disease, Trembling in the Cold and Fear.

Puppies And Mother Dog Wandering On The Street With Severe Skins Disease, Shaking In Frozen And Scared
Puppies And Mother Dog Wandering On The Street With Severe Skins Disease, Shaking In Frozen And Scared

Hosu uuuuuun, a Korean non-profit animal rescue organization, received a plea for assistance from a local resident regarding two puppies with serious skin disease that were wandering the streets. They were stuck together under the automobile, and it was pouring outside.

They underestimated the severity of the skin disease. There is really too much grass and bugs.

The puppies were starving and scared of people! The rescue squad looked about and discovered a mother dog weak and scared on the street!

How much more sore and unpleasant would rain be for these youngsters with their filthy skin throughout the rainy season?

“Tonight, two puppies are temporarily housed in a little shell, and we provide them with food and water. We have yet to locate and capture the mother since she is scared and tries to hide from us!” A volunteer stated

The mother was successfully rescued in the morning thanks to the efforts of several individuals. In the bitter cold, the rescuers and capture team worked tirelessly!

According to the expert, 4 weeks of isolation and hospitalization are required for veterinary care.

The young puppy male named Haetal, who has severe mange and is being treated on a daily basis, and the little puppy girl named Seongkal. With sharp teeth and fear, she always tries to hide in a corner away from humans. Banya, the mother’s name, is scared and has a serious skin disease!

After ten days, Both the puppies and the mother dog are improving. Skin repair and hair growth The boy Haetal is friendly and no longer scared, but the mother and girl are still scared.

After one month in the hospital, the three angels are totally recovered and will be discharged. Haetal, the child, runs about the hospital like it’s a playground. Seongkal, the girl, will be adopted by a new and loving family.

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