Ronaldo and Manny Pacquiao share eye-catching moment in Saudi Arabia; the video went viral –

What happens when one sports legend meets another? The fans go crazy, of course! A video of Cristiapo Ropaldo, football star…

What happens when one sports legend meets another?

The fans go crazy, of course!

A video of Cristiapo Ropaldo, Portuguese football star and captain of Saudi club Al Nassr, meeting Mappy Pacqiao, former Filipino footballer widely regarded as one of the all-time greats in his field, has been released.

The exciting moment occurred in the ‘Battle of the Bad Guys’, a clash that kicked off the fourth edition of the Riyadh Season, and saw British boxer Tyson Fúria face former mixed martial arts world champion, Fracis Nganpou.

Beaming, Ropaldo shouts ‘Hey Pacqiao!’

Before greeting the hunter and posing for photos.

The two have an inaudiƄle conversation, and Pacquiao appears making a joke, getting a laugh from Ropaldo.

Faphas of two stars flooded the comments of the video, which was shared on Mapy Pacquiao and TNT Sports Boxing’s Instagram accounts.

“See how Ropaldo is giving him respect and showing that he is a fan, all while professionally becoming the most well-known and famous athlete/person in the world today,” said the Instagram commit.

Other users point out how people usually approach Ropaldo first, but here it was the opposite, showing how much respect the player has for Pacquiao.

Mappy Pacqiao also shared more photos of the meeting on his social networks.

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