Scared Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Plum Box He Was Found In

Lifeline Animal Project rescued this malnourished Pit Bull that had been “holed up in a plum box”. The poor dog was really unhappy and terrified, so he curled up in the cardboard box and refused to leave.

But ultimately, his rescuers were able to entice him into a nice kennel where he could come and go as he pleased.

“Plum” instantly bonded with rescue personnel, and he was adopted just a month later! It’s remarkable to see how drastically Plum’s attitude has changed in just a short period of time!

Meloni, Plum’s mother, says Plum is very foolish and kind.

It’s amazing to see Plum’s transformation since he was rescued.

Melonie says her second dog took to Plum right away.

While his sibling loves to rip the stuffing out of his stuffies, he enjoys carrying them around.

He maintains watch on the kitties.

Plum is now living a joyful life, which is a stark contrast to his previous one, and he is glad for his second chance!


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