Search Party Rescues Blind Labrador Missing for Eight Days, Initially Mistaken for a Garbage Bag by the River

Sage is an adorable 12-year-old Labrador dog. She also has no vision in both eyes. But as long as she’s within the care of her loving family in California, she has nothing to worry about until the day she went missing.

Sage was playing with her family in the backyard. Thinking that another family member had brought her into the house, none of them actually did. It took them an hour to realize it and by the time they checked outside, Sage was missing.

What a beautiful-looking dog. 

The family panicked and immediately enlisted help from their neighbors. Due to her blindness and old age, they were very much worried about her safety and health condition.

She looks so pure and precious!

A search party went looking for Sage the entire night of her disappearance and continued until the next day. But after five days, they began to have strong doubts of whether she was still alive. But, they did not give up. They spread flyers and posted on social media to alert as many people as they could.

Poor Sage was lost and went hungry for more than a week.

It wasn’t until the eighth day that Sage was found. One of the family’s neighbor, Dan Estrada, went hiking at the nearby woods with his two dogs, Barnabas and Koelsch. Walking past a stream, they noticed a strange figure next to it at the base of a steep slope. Thinking it was a garbage bag, he headed down to investigate and discovered that it was Sage!

Sage and her savior!

Sage was laying very still that Dan thought she was dead. However, Sage seemed to sense his presence and Dan immediately petted her and hugged her. Despite being very weak, Sage raised her head and wagged her tail.

Sage has a heightened sense of smell compared to other dogs. She was so happy to know that her dog friends were there as well.

Smelling the presence of the other dogs really put Sage in a much better mood. Having not eaten anything for the past eight days, her movements were slow and weak. Dan carefully carried her home to the shock and delight of her family.

Sage’s savior, Dan, carried her back to home.

Her family offered a $1000 reward to anyone who was able to find Sage and bring her back. Now that she’s home, her family immediately offered it to Dan, but he refused. He suggested that they donate it to an animal rescue organization instead.

It’s so good to be home.

Dan did not save Sage for the reward money. They all live in a small town and is very closed to each other. He knew how much Sage’s family loves her as well as the rest of the town.

Without Dan’s help, poor Sage might have died of hunger but he saved her! Please share Sage’s story if you are glad that she was finally found and unharmed.


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