Tears Stream from His Eyes as He Can’t Comprehend Why His Family Abandoned Him at the Shelter.

Blue King (or, Blue) the Pit Bull was very happy when he got adopted into a family. He loved them dearly and did everything to keep them happy. But one day the family casually decided to “let him go”

As he was adopted into a family, Blue King (or, Blue) the Pit Bull was thrilled. He loved them dearly and did all in his ability to make them happy.

Yet one day, when they had to shift to a new home, the family decided to “let him go” without thinking much about it. They abandoned him at a high-kill facility while they went somewhere else.

Blue was troubled in the shelter, but he was assured that his folks would return for him. Yet as he got more accepting of his situation, Blue’s spirits began to fail him. He continued over-thinking as he felt that his family deserted him because he wasn’t a “good boy”. Shortly, workers discovered him whimpering in the kennel with tears flowing down his face.

The shelter tried to cheer Blue happy by providing him his favorite dish. But Blue refused to look at the food. He stopped wagging his tail and also turned away when the workers patted him.

He continuously prayed for his family to come back. After viewing his grave predicament, the shelter publicized his tale on social media and requested others to help him.

Blue fell in love with a woman named Jennifer McKay. She stepped forward to adopt him and worked hard to help him overcome the emotional scars of his abandonment. Blue is today a joyful, confident dog who no longer needs to worry about the longevity of his new mother’s love! This lovely guy will never have to weep another tear again.

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