The Ailing Calf Lay Isolated on the Ground Until a Dog’s Arrival Altered Everything.

The sick calf lay alone on the ground until a dog appeared that changed everything
The sick calf lay alone on the ground until a dog appeared that changed everything

 Sky the therapy dog was one of the keys to Lewis’ quick healing.

Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, founders of the Gentle Barn, adopted an orphaned calf in 2020. They saved an orphaned calf from a butcher, where his mother had perished. He was barely a week old. Because he was also a warrior, they christened him John Lewis Thunderheart.

Lewis was in poor condition when he came to The Gentle Barn. “He was suffering from severe pneumonia. He breathed loudly and raspily. He had a strong cough. “He had a really high fever,” Ellie explained.

Lewis also did not receive enough colostrum to create a stronger immune system as a result of his traumatic birth situation. That is why, when he became ill with pneumonia, he struggled for his life.

They realized he couldn’t live in the barn, so they brought him inside their air-conditioned house. He need a clean and cool atmosphere, and this way, they would be able to care for him around the clock.

Another animal that resided inside the house will turn out to be a huge benefit for Lewis.

Sky is his name.

Sky was adopted by The Gentle Barn from his prior owner, who couldn’t keep up with his activity level. They weren’t intended to adopt him, but Sky turned out to be an excellent therapy dog. He can make people laugh, ease the hearts of those who are angry, and calm those who are afraid.

That’s why he was the ideal friend for Lewis while he recovered. “Sky protected him, soothed him, and would lay down next to him and snuggle up with him,” Ellie explained. “We just kept pouring love and comfort into him till he started to mend slowly.”

When Lewis was well enough to walk outdoors, they saw Lewis and Sky had established a deep bond.

“They scuffle and run about the yard. “Sky is as mouthy as a puppy, and Lewis is as goofy as a cow, but they make it work and understand each other,” Ellie explained.

And when Ellie took Lewis on walks about the farm and brought him to the other cows, Sky was there to assist Lewis acclimatize to his new life on the farm.

At a week old, Lewis brought barely 50 pounds. He’s already two years old and weighs over a thousand pounds. He’s now significantly larger than Sky.

They’re not as physical with each other anymore since they realize there’s a significant weight differential between them. But that doesn’t stop them from demonstrating their love for one another.

Lewis will collapse on the ground, and Sky will lay him. He’ll lick Lewis and then lie down next to him. “There’s so much to be thankful for when I see Lewis and Sky together. “What I like about about them is that no matter how old or large they become, their love never dies,” Ellie remarked of their connection. “We see a dog and a cow. But to John Lewis and Sky, they only see friends, family, and love.”

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