The Eyes That Told a Story: The Silent Plea of a Black Shelter Dog

You could just feel all of the fear, all of the heartache in those eyes. She needs to get out of the shelter but I’m afraid she’s being overlooked for one very specific reason…

Rocky Kanka Said: I had a strong connection with Mia the instant I saw her. Her eyes just spoke to my soul when I saw them. In those eyes, you could just feel all of the fear, agony, and heartache. It was those eyes that drew my attention, which is a good thing because a dog like Mia will be passed by again and again for a very clear reason. But first, let’s sit with her and see if she’ll let us console her.

As I approached, I discovered something heartbreaking. Mia would flatten herself on the ground whenever someone came in, as if attempting to become invisible.

It’s a sad fact that black canines like Mia are frequently overlooked in shelters. Potential adopters can’t see their features because of their black coats, especially when they’re hidden in the back of their kennels. Mia, on the other hand, was unique. She had these charming light brown marks and the cutest brows, which made her stick out.

Mia was discovered by a good Samaritan beside a motorway, according to shelter staff. She had been escaping capture for two to three weeks. It’s not surprising considering she’s an Australian shepherd, a breed noted for its intellect. Mia was no different. She was soon showing off her tricks, shaking hands, and even offering me both paws within minutes of interacting with her.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. Mia’s intelligence, combined with her terrible upbringing, made her afraid. She began to open up with just a little patience and understanding. She even let me pet her, which was a symbol of trust that I treasured.

I’ve worked with many dogs over the years, and I’ve been asked numerous times if I’ve ever been bitten. To be honest, I have. But it all comes down to understanding dog body language and knowing when to approach and when to back off. Mia was no exception. Despite my extensive knowledge, she taught me that there is always something new to learn.

Our connection was going well until Mia was spooked outside and ran into her kennel. I was heartbroken to see her regress to her terrified state, but I knew I couldn’t give up on her. Mia is deserving of a loving home, and I’m committed to assist her in finding one.

So, please, don’t let Mia fade into the shadows. Share her story and assist her in finding a family who will love and appreciate her.

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