“The Legacy of the Famous Two-Faced Cat Sends the Internet into a Frenzy”

Once again, Narnia the cat has caused a stir on social media due to its perfectly balanced two-tone fur on its face. Netizens are excitedly discussing how beautiful its offspring will be with two equally stunning kittens.

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The offspring of the famous two-faced cat that took the world by storm on the internet. Narnia, a male British Shorthair cat, was born on March 28, 2017. It quickly gained fame for its unique and unusual appearance. Living with its owner Stephanie Jiminez, the cat has a striking face that catches attention because it has two different colored fur halves that are perfectly balanced.

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Narnia resembles a chimera cat, but the reason behind its two-toned face remains a mystery. However, experts have ruled out the possibility of Narnia belonging to the chimera cat species, which typically have cells containing two types of DNA resulting in a distinct black and grey two-tone facial pattern. Fortunately, Narnia was blessed with a rare and unique appearance featuring a precise 50/50 split of black and grey fur on its face.

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Stephanie Jiminez, the owner of Narnia the cat, recently shared photos of Narnia’s offspring on social media and once again, the kittens quickly caught people’s attention. The two kittens, named Phoenix and Prada, both have fur colors of gray and black, just like their father. They are two perfect halves of their father’s face. Additionally, Phoenix inherited gray fur while Prada has black fur with white spots under her mouth from their father. Unfortunately, the kittens did not inherit Narnia’s beautiful blue eyes.

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Narnia gained fame for its unique face that has two colors of gray and black fur. Stephanie Jiminez, Narnia’s owner, shared about her beloved cat, saying, “A geneticist conducted tests and found that Narnia only has one DNA. The cat remains a mystery to science. Narnia has beautiful blue eyes, which is rare for a black-furred cat. Typically, blue eyes are seen in white-furred cats. I was extremely surprised when Narnia was born. I immediately thought it was a very special, rare cat.”

Though the cause of Narnia’s unique fur pattern is still unknown, she passed down interesting traits to her offspring. Each kitten inherits a fur color on their father’s face. After spending a few months with Narnia, two kittens named Phoenix and Prada are on their way to their new home.

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