This Rescue Dog Still Sleeps in His Cardboard Box. A Heartfelt Tale that Might Make You Cry or Smile…

This Rescue Dog Still Sleeρs In His Cardboard Box. I Don’t know Whether To Cry, or …
This Rescue Dog Still Sleeρs In His Cardboard Box. I Don’t know Whether To Cry, or …

Captain has fluffy, soft dog beds available for his delight every night when it’s time to sleep. He dismisses them.

“All he wants at bedtime is a cardboard box,” Detroit Dog Rescue founder Kristina Millman-Rinaldi posted on Facebook. “He’ll only sleep in this cardboard box, or whatever size box we have at the moment, since it’s the only way he’s ever slept to feel safe.”

Millman-Rinaldi is only speculating about that final bit – little is known about Captain’s past or what it took for him to feel comfortable, if he ever did.

The limited data provided indicate the Captain’s life was not easy. He’d been discovered on the streets of Detroit looking for food. Millman-Rinaldi told The Dodo that he was terribly hungry, quite unwell, and wearing a crimson collar.

Captain was rescued by Detroit Dog Rescue in November. He’s been in the organization’s no-kill shelter ever since, receiving the medical and psychological attention he need. Captain is undergoing a lot of positive reinforcement training in addition to his medical therapy. Millman-Rinaldi claims that it is quite effective.

Captain is a sweetheart who “would go to any length for a spoonful of peanut butter He has the finest wiggle butt and enjoys doing stunts “Millman-Rinaldi claims “Despite everything he’s gone through, he’s incredibly lovely.”

Perhaps Captain sleeps in boxes because that’s all he’s ever known (or, as Millman-Rinaldi admits, he thinks he’s a cat).

Captain had a difficult life, which Millman-Rinaldi is certain about. And now she wants him to have everything — a house, a family, whatever it takes to make him feel loved and safe. Of then, there are all the cardboard boxes he prefers to curl up in at night.

“I can’t undo what happened in the past. I can’t erase all of those memories, but we can offer them a future as a team at Detroit Dog Rescue “Millman-Rinaldi stated this on Facebook. “We will keep them secure and provide their needs, even if it means providing them with an infinite supply of cardboard boxes. Captain, we adore you and your cardboard crates.”

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