Tiny Canine with Burns Emerges from Fiery Aftermath, Discovered by Sheriff’s Office

The devastating wildfires that are sweeping throughout northern California and causing destruction along the way are to blame for many lives lost.

Amid all the rubble, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office came across something they really did not quite expect. As employees were combing through burned-down properties and rubble, suddenly a puppy looked his head out.

After reaching into the pile and pulling the little guy out to safety, they saw he had some minor burns. They hurried him to Animal Control where he was fully examined. Unfortunately, the owner of the property on which the deputies looked had several dogs and was unable to locate all of them. He fast needed to leave or he can have perished in the wildfires.

The resilient pup survived the fire and was happy to see his rescuers. They provided him food and water and a lot of snuggles on the scene. Since they had no idea that owned the puppy, the Sheriff’s Office chose to name the little guy Trooper. As of this writing, at least 35 people have actually been killed and over four million acres have been destroyed by fire. The flames are spreading across California, Oregon, and Washington State.

“These last several days have actually been hard on our entire region and we believed we would share a positive story today,” the Butte Region Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook with images of the pup being saved. Thanks to everyone that conserved this puppy that managed to ignite a spark of hope throughout these dark times.

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