To Save Their Lives, a Homeless Cat Took Her Kittens to a Family’s Yard

A mother cat brought her two young kittens into a family’s backyard to protect and save them.

A family in Indiana, United States, found that they had guests in their backyard. A mother cat had carried her two newborn kittens to safety after becoming homeless. The kittens with curly hair were snuggled up near their mother, who was attempting to protect them.

The family tried to nurture and feed them, but the kittens required immediate medical attention. The children were suffering from an upper respiratory illness, as well as gastrointestinal issues and fleas. They immediately called Catnip Etc, an Indiana-based TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) rescue organization.

Catsnip Etc’s staff told Love Meow:

“With all of these issues, they were becoming increasingly sedentary and not gaining weight. We were startled to discover two small kittens with curly fur when we arrived. “We never expected to see something like that in a stray cat.”

A homeless cat brought her babies to the yard of a household.

The homeless cat family received active assistance from the rescue site. They got rid of the fleas and took care of their meds; Aspen, the mother, was treated for a cut on her neck and was in bones from attempting to feed her babies Avalanche and Alaska.

They were able to place the tiny feline family in a foster home, where Aspen felt protected and was able to get some rest, but she is always aware of their wants. She seemed to be quite appreciative of the assistance and meals.

Catsnip Etc’s Missy McNeal added:

As soon as you enter her room, she begins purring. He lies down and waits to get his belly massaged. 

Every day, the mother cat feels more safe in the shelter’s care and has developed into a loving cat. The kittens are stronger and more lively, and they have begun to engage with humans.

Catsnip Etc includes the following:

“Babies are still a little timid, but they enjoy running around and playing with toys.”

According to the shelter workers, the mother cat is very gentle and attentive with her kittens; she is also quite protective of them and makes sure they don’t get into any mischief.

Missy continues:

“They are climbing her and playing with her tail, so she is really tolerant with them.”

The kittens are prospering as the days pass; their eyes have opened, their bellies have begun to expand, and they are lively. The folks at the shelter believe they would not have lived if they hadn’t been saved because of their health and small size, but they are doing better today.

The smaller ones are already familiar with cat toys, which have released their pent-up energy, and they now want to play all the time. The cat family has flourished thanks to love and care; the siblings are maturing and looking extremely attractive with their curly fur, and Aspen is serene and content.


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