“Two Serene Cats Enjoy a Peaceful Nap Next to a Soothing Piano”

Haburu is a sleepy gray and white kitty who loves to nap on the piano beside the hammers. His little ginger and white feline sister named Pineapple comes to nap with him. It is such a cute sight to see. In most of these videos, you usually only see one cat, but in this one, it is doubly adorable! Haburu was given as a gift, but Pineapple’s story is inspiring.

Pineapple was rescued on a rainy night when she was abandoned next to a landfill. She had paralysis in her legs and feeble breathing. She could not even go potty. Over two months, she was cared for, loved, and nursed back to health. It shows everyone has a fantastic backstory, and Pineapple is no exception.

The two cats are so cute on the piano. Clearly, they enjoy the music! They love each other and love to be together. They look so sweet as if the piano is relaxing them. Cats tend to react positively to classical music.

Animal shelters sometimes play classical music to calm the cats, as it is soothing to them. Scientists have even found a “recipe” of music that works for cats.

The cat-friendly formula has some piano music mixed with purring and sometimes even birds chirping. Haburu and Pineapple are OK with strictly the piano as they stretch their feline bodies and enjoy their particular slumber party on the piano. Watch this video if you like seeing adorable cats chilling out and sleepy! It is such a peaceful, precious video!

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