Unbelievable! Enchanting Cat Showcases Heterochromia with Two Different Colored Eyes.

Meet Niu Nai, the cute and fluffy black cat with two different colored eyes! This unique trait is caused by a genetic condition called heterochromia iridis, which is typically found in white cats due to their low melanin levels. Niu Nai’s owner shared videos of the adorable feline on social media, showcasing its distinct eyes and affectionate personality. “Niu Nai” means “milk” in Mandarin, adding to the cat’s overall charm.

The cat owner, who named their feline Niu Nai (meaning milk in Mandarin), shared videos of the cat on social media that captured its unique and colourful eyes. The colour of a cat’s eyes is determined by melanin, the same pigment that affects skin colour. When kittens are born, they have blue eyes, but as they grow older, melanin moves to their irises which changes their eye colour. By 12 weeks of age, the final eye colour will have settled. Depending on the levels of melanin, cats could keep blue eyes, or have a combination of blue, yellow, green or brown eyes. In the video, Niu Nai’s owner demonstrates the size and shape of the cat’s eyes in different light settings.

The condition known as heterochromia iridis, or odd-eyed, is a genetic trait that is typically found in white cats due to low melanin levels. As the cat’s pupils dilate, the amount of color that can be seen lessens. In a charming video, we see an odd-eyed cat enjoying a warm bath. Different breeds such as Persian, Turkish Angoras, and Sphynx are more likely to have different colored eyes. In some Instagram posts, the blue eye may appear red due to a layer of melanin that removes certain colors of light and creates a red-eye effect in photos.

The cat’s ability to see colors reduces as its pupils expand, as shown in a cute video where it is seen enjoying a relaxing bath.

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