Urgent Assistance Required: Stranded Dog Seeks Help to Rescue Injured Companion After Road Accident

Traffic accidents kill thousands, if not millions, of dogs. The bad part is that the people who harm and murder these innocent animals do not care and go on their way without giving any assistance to these poor animals, despite the fact that they are the ones who caused their pain.

This poor little child was abandoned on the road alongside his friend, who was dying as a result of the carelessness of another. The poor puppy was drenched in blood, had a sorrowful face from the wounds, and was seeing his friend die in front of him; the scene was truly awful and tragic.

The accident occurred in a tiny Chinese city. Someone in the vicinity contacted an animal rescue squad. One of the volunteers hurried to the accident scene and saw the poor puppy still sitting next to his friend.

The volunteer inspected the dying dog right away, but it was too late; he had perished. However, the small puppy showed no indications of wounds and appeared to be in good health.

He took the two with him. He washed the puppy and gave him food and water after cleaning him of blood and fleas.

Then he took him to bury his deceased friend. It was heartbreaking.

The puppy is still frightened by the accident, but he will recover with love and proper care, which he will find in the shelter with people who dedicate their lives to serving and saving these lovely beings.

Don’t leave without sharing his moving story. I hope it reaches someone who is interested in adopting this precious spirit.


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