Woman discovers 2 kittens under her car hood while driving on I-10

Recently, ABC15 Arizona covered a heartwarming video where the woman who rescued 2 kitten hitchhikers revealed what had happened. Emily Perea’s drive along Interstate 10 starts as any other commuter, her favorite podcast setting the mood.

But a peculiar interruption occurs. A squeak? No, a meow! As the freeway blurs by, Emily’s suspicions grow. She promptly pulls over, hitting pause on her journey. A quick inspection reveals two furry stowaways.

One kitten is boldly positioned under the car’s hood, while the other claims a spot on the passenger side. These hitchhiking kittens have chosen an adventurous path, making I-10 their highway of discovery.

But there’s a snag: they’re out of reach. Undeterred, Emily dials for backup. A DPS officer arrives, skepticism in his eyes. “Are they even alive?” A determined meow soon dispels all doubts. These kittens have voices, and they’re ready to be heard.

Rescue gears up as a roadside assistant joins the team. With tools in hand, they remove a tire and a part of the car. Success! The second kitten, showing gratitude and spirit, delivers Emily a playful nibble. What a token of thanks for their unexpected journey!

The dynamic duo earns iconic names: Thelma and Louise. With newfound maternal instincts, Emily ensures they’re bathed, fed, and nurtured. Their next stop? The Arizona Humane Society. They undergo health checks there and prepare for their next adventure—finding a forever home.

Five weeks young, these sisters-in-arms hope for a joint adoption. Their bond is evident, and it’s clear they’re best together. Emily dreams of a united family for them, where they can recount tales of their I-10 escapade.

For those intrigued by this furry fable, there’s footage to relish! Dive into the video, and don’t forget to share. Because, honestly, who doesn’t need a sprinkle of kitten mischief to brighten their day?

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