Zinedine Zidane on Leo Messi: ‘Leo is an example for everyone. His life is this: Football and Family. Family and football. There’s no more.’

Zinedine Zidane has revealed to Lionel Messi who his toughest opponent is in a fascinating chat. The full 29-minute talk between the two international football icons was made available on YouTube when they reconnected in a video produced by Adidas.

(Eng Sub..) Exclusive! Messi & Zidane Interview (Behind-The-Scenes) -  YouTube

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The two discussed a variety of subjects, including their families, scoring in a World Cup final, and switching clothes, during the video’s known Miami filming.

adidas Bring Zinedine Zidane & Lionel Messi Together For A Chat -  SoccerBible

Zidane won the World Cup with the French team, especially he also played with Messi for two seasons in Barcelona. As the two took turns questioning one another, Messi inquired about Zidane’s opponent who he found most challenging.

2-1699588821.jpgZidane and Messi had a lively discussion (Source: Internet)The gifted French midfielder did not hold back when discussing the two opponents he believes he has grown weary of playing against. In response, the 1998 Ballon d’Or winner praised Paolo Maldini of AC Milan and Italy for his “intelligence” and style of play, but he also made it clear that he would rather not play against Lilian Thuram.

Zidane said: “Toughest player? Well, not the toughest player but the toughest person is Paolo Maldini. Because he is very smart, smart on the field when he plays. Thuram too. He’s very good. When he is on your team, you will benefit greatly, but not if he plays against you.”

Messi did not reveal his toughest opponent with Zidane, but he previously pointed out Pablo Maffeo, as the person who annoys him the most. According to DAZN, Messi said: “ Girona’s Pablo Maffeo is the most difficult tutor. It was so intense!”. Maffeo currently plays for Mallorca but used to play for Girona and Manchester City.

Right now, Messi and Zidane are both enjoying their time off. In addition to Messi, the former French player is rumored to take over as manager of MU if Ten Hag departs. Inter Miami has also arranged a friendly match as a way to honor the eighth Golden Ball.

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